Debi P
Scranton, PA

Bio: I like to write, knit and spin wool, I'm very interested in nature and science and history and can never learn enough. I spend my days plugging numbers and words into forms and onto computer screens. Lately I've spend a lot of time dealing with health issues that have really cramped my style and caused me much financial hardship. As I will explain in my first post, I'm starting this blog purely as a begging platform. I don't feel deserving of charity. So I am offering my writing and also sprinkling throughout poems I have written over the years as my proffering for your alms. Any money I receive will be used to offset living expenses and if there is any left over (doubtful) it will be used to expand my spinning tools and hence my ability to earn money via my spinning. Please know that it took much for me to get to this point and that I very humbly thank each and everyone who donates even one cent toward this blog. Hopefully my writings will be worthy of your reading!

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